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Looking for mature, single female to share large, 3br, 2 bath ranch on 8 Acre horse farm. Braselton/I-85 ChateauElan area. Private, gated, fenced. Totally furnished, includes all utilities, TV. No Pets. Horse experience a plus.Discount for helping with horses.References required. $500 month
Contact Sallye at 470-429-3155 or email

******** Please NO TEXT  TO Landline***********
***In Need of a horse stall cleaner one day a week $25HR*** 
***Videos on new horses will be posted asap***

ZIPS NATURAL IRON  AQHA 5620144 Professional trained western Pleasure mare, 10 yr.,15.3 hands. Flashy sorrel with 3 high stockings, blaze, model conformation. Pushbutton to ride, does it all! Perfection in manners to handle and ride.  Show, trails, etc.  Royally bred with Sonny Dee Bar,  Zipped in Time,  A Life time keeper


GOLDEN PALOMINO QUARTER MARE, stocky 15H 13yrs. Trail rider's Cadillac. Easy relaxed walk willing to go forward stands to mount and waits for signal to move off; friendly, calm disposition. Flawless manners in every way. Sound, ready for your next trail ride.......New Coggins, shoes..

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 10.32.45 PM.png

 MR PK-4,000

AQHA REG GELDING. 5860032.  (MR   ELUSIVE, KID CLU )  7 yr., 16H.  

Cowboy Horse Deluxe. Precision trained, all the Buttons.  Sharp neckrein, 

 quiet walk, jog, long trot, lope....speed when asked.  Experienced in cattle 

 sorting and gathering rodeo stock.  Many directions to go with this nice 

 Gelding.....trails, working Ranch horse, arena performance.

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Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 10.45.45 AM.png

Flag-$3,500 Congratulations to Judy

Beautiful, fancy Reg. Spotted Saddle horse Racking mare, 9 yr., Petite 15H. Lots of trail experience. Parades. Walks quietly on loose rein, stands to mount, nice extended walk and rack, canters. Great manners to handle on ground and under saddle. Sure to get you noticed wherever you take her!


~ Amber ~$3,500 Congratulations to Shelby in Indiana   

QUARTER MARE, 8 yr., solid 15.3H.  Flawless conformation ...  The experienced rider will love the responsive training with  lots of speed when asked.  Quiet on trails.  Great potential for barrel prospect.  Polite manners on ground in everyway.  Loads, easy to handle feet, catch easy in pasture. Relaxed walk, smooth jog, long trot.Coggins, shoes


Ransom-$3000 SOLD
Congratulation to Mark the Karen,Rock Hill, S.C. on their choice of this nice horse

TRAIL SHOW HORSE COMBO.......RACKING GELDING, 12 yr, stocky 15.1H.  Wonderful, stylish 4-beat gait.  Nice soft mouth with correct headset.  Walks quietly and moves into gait when asked.  Disposition for inexperienced rider or experienced rider wanting a well trained, uncomplicated horse. Polite to handle in every way.  Affectionate .  New Coggins.  


Indigo-$3000 Congratulations to Wayne

APPENDIX  Tattooed (Quarter/Thoroughbred ) Mare, 16H,  11 yr. Uncomplicated to ride on Trails and arena.  Excellent, polite disposition.  English or Western.  Sharp neckrein, smooth jog, posting trot, canter.  Lots of potential as Hunter, jumper, lessons.  Started over small jumps.  New Coggins, 

feet trimmed, wormed.  $3,500 

Della-$3500 SOLD I knew this beautiful mare would not last long......sold to the first customer. Congratulations to Joan.  Hope she gives you lots of nice trail rides.

WHAT A BEAUTY!  TW/GYPSY CROSS MARE 15 year old.  Walk, trots, canters.  Stocky muscular 15.1 H,  1,200 pd.  Gentle, quiet and well mannered for all riders.  Lots of trail experience, rides well in arena.  Nice brisk walk on loose rein; trots, canters only when pushed.  Fluffy long mane and tail, feathers on fetlocks.  New Coggins, fat, fit and ready for your next trail ride or parade.

Two Tone-$3,000 SOLD Congratulations to Havanna on finding her Dream horse....He fit the bill perfectly.....

 TOBIANO PAINT GELDING, BLACK AND WHITE .  16H, 15 yr., Docile, solid Trail horse.  Suitable for all riders.....confidence builder for the beginner or timid rider.  More whoa than Go, but moves into smooth jog and lope when asked.  Neckreins, backs.  Easy to handle in every way.  New Coggins, wormed, feet trimmed.  

Top Hat- $2500 Congratulations to Bent Tree Stables, Jasper 

Unique Loud Colored Spotted Racking Gelding 16H, 15yr. Stylish, proud carriage with show horse look. Trails or arena. Uncomplicated to ride, but has a little "GO"..... Just enough for the rider with a little experience who likes a forward moving horse when asked. Fancy horse that will get you noticed wherever you take him.

Blue Bayou-$3000 SOLD  Congratulations to Steve on his selection of this Gorgeous young Blue Roan....What a future he has!



GORGEOUS BLUE ROAN RACKING GELDING. 3 YR., 15h AND GROWING! Sired by BLUE MADNESS. Ready to finish in any direction you want. Gentle, quiet, wonderful disposition, affectionate. Has been on trails as follow horse. Unlimited potential with this nice young horse. Trails or show horse. His Sire is Champion Speed horse (see his video on You Tube) 

General-SOLD $2500 
Congratulations to Bent
Tree Stables, Jasper

SPOTTED TW RACKING GELDING. 13 YR., 15h. Hundred of trails in Tenn. with inexperienced riders as a follow type horse. Smooth gait, no bounce. More whoa than Go. Great for guests or riders needing a confidence builder. People lover disposition. 

Calico-$3,000 SOLD

Flashy colored Paint mare,  14.3H,  13 yr.  Calm, safe for all riders.  Trails or arena.Respectful manners on ground and under saddle.  Stands to mount, walks quietly on  loose rein, soft jog, neckreins, backs.  She is a forever keeper. 

Okie-SOLD $3,500  Congratulations to Ben in S. Carolina who is going to make a team roping horse out of this nice young horse​ 

 Ranch Quarter Gelding from Oklahoma.  Use on farm to gather cattle, some roping, neckreins.  Beautiful  Bay with full black mane and tail.  5 yr, 15H.  Lots of direction to go with this nice horse.

Maple-$4,500 SOLD Congratulations to Ft. Meyers in Breman who choose this  nice mare to be "His" horse to go with "Her" horse which was recently purchased. What a Beautiful matched pair of Buckskin. 


EVERY ONES DREAM HORSE!  Golden Buckskin Quarter mare.  Gentle and suitable for all riders.  More Whoa than Go.  Easy relaxed walk on loose rein, smooth jog when asked.  Canters if you get real serious.  10 yrs., 15.1H.  Sweet, lovable disposition. Nice full mane and tail to ground

Kissie face.JPG

Kissie-2500 SOLD
BEAUTIFUL, RARE BREED, GALICENO  BLACK MARE FROM N MEXICO.  14.3H, 8 yr.  Relaxed walk on loose rein, trots, canters.  Trails or arena.  Your opportunity to own one of the most rare breeds .  Bred to be versatile with calm disposition....used to work cattle and family use.

Recently SOLD

Jeremy-$2000 Sold congratulations to Steadfast Farms, Toccoa ... He will be teaching beginners to ride.

14.2h, 12 YR., QUARTER GELDING.  GREAT FOR TIMID RIDER NEEDING A CONFIDENCE BUILDER OR FOLLOW TYPE MOUNT ON THE TRAILS,  Obedient  manners to handle in every way.  Friendly, people lover. Walk, jog, trot, lopes. 

Lucky-2500 Sold Congratulations to Jennifer who needed a safe horse following her surgery. He will do the job.

PAINT GELDING.....BABYSITTER/BEGINNER DELUXE!  15.2H,  15 year.  Safe, gentle for all riders ..... Excellent Guest or Husband horse.    Big enough to carry tall or heavy rider.  These kind are rarely for sale. 

Nova-2000 Sold going to riding school in Alabama to teach children how to ride andl learn to canter. Perfect home for this nice family.

WELSH MARE, 14 yr. aged by UGA on Coggins.  Stocky 13.2H.  Ridden on trails and arena by intermediate rider who liked to ride her easy canter.  Flawless manners for children to handle on ground, safe lead pony for beginners/handicapped. Great lesson prospect to teach the "Cante.Fat, fit, feet trimmed, new Coggins, fuzzy. 

Poppi-4000 sold
BUCKSKIN QUARTER MARE,  10 yr. 15.2H,  Calm and gentle for all rider. More whoa than go.....easy slow walk,  speeds into trot only when rider asks.  Flawless manners in every way.  Confidence builder deluxe.  $4,000

Rolex-$3,000 Sold

Rocky Mountain  Gelding. 15.1H 14yrs Confidence Builder deluxe. Suitable for all family members, guest, timid riders. Smooth natural rack; easy walk on loose rein; Content to ride slow, moves to rack only when asked. Friendly, affectionate disposition.

Pepper-$3,000 SOLD

Versatile Quarter Gelding; English or Western riding. Trails or Arena. Lots of trail experience. Great prospect for lessons. Huntseat, Dressage, Floating "10" mover. Easy and a pleasure to handle on ground and under saddle. 15.2H 12yrs Stocky, halter conformation. Sound, fit and ready to go in any direction you want.

Trinket-$2,500 SOLD

Most Beautiful Paint Mare intown.. Model conformation, gentle and sweet disposition. 14.2H 12yrs. Experienced on trails and arena. Nice brisk ground covering walk, smooth trot. Easy and uncomplicated to handle in every way. Sure to get you noticed where ever you take her.

Jackson-3,500 SOLD Congratulations to the lucky winner on the purchase of this wonderful horse. Mark in Hartwell, GA Thank you to all who  inquired on him. Wish I could have "cloned" him. 

Stylish B & W Spotted TW/Saddlebred cross Racking Gelding; Show or Trails. His fancy show horse look commands attention where ever you take him. A Blue ribbon winner in the show ring and a pleasure on the trails, crosses water, etc. Wonderful polite manners on ground and under saddle. Clips, ties, bathes, neck reins, backs, stands to mount, free loads in trailer, a dream for the farrier. Very uncomplicated to ride. Sound. UTD on vaccines floating teeth, worming, shoes, new Coggins. Vet checked 13yrs 15 hands. One of a kind.



BEAUTIFUL, jet black fancy Tenn. Walking Gelding ; 14yr, stocky 14.3H Gentle and suitable for all riders..... uncomplicated to ride and handle. Will give you a smooth ride on the trails and win you a blue ribbon at the Sat. night show. Show horse fit and ready for your next trail.


Congratulations to Kim


Like Appaloosas? You will love this stout, 1,250 pd. colorful Girl..... 13yr 15.1 H Gentle, calm demeanor makes her suitable for all riders. Trail veteran. Quiet, agreeable disposition on ground and under saddle Walk, jog, trot, lopes. Gray color with black markings. One of a kind.

3,000 SOLD


1,850 SOLD

Quarter Mare, 14.2H, 13yr. Used in Summer Camp, arena and trails. Sweet, gentle disposition. Would be great confidence builder and family horse. Calm demeanor and easy to handle on ground and under saddle. Great size to easily mount.


Sold- Congratulations to Amina on her "Dream Horse" ...Noble is going to do. Trails, Drill Team, Huntseat ....and he can do it All.


Big , Stout 16H Gelding....  Paint (QH/TB cross) 10yr. Rides English and Western. Recently used to gather livestock and ride in Rodeo Grand Entry. Lots of trails. Easy walk on loose rein, some GO when asked. Excellent Huntseat/Hunter/jumper prospect. Lesson prospect deluxe. Walk, trot and canters.



$2,500 SOLD

Congratulations to Ryan who selected this wonderful mare for a family horse. Hope you enjoy her as much as we did here at Sallye Horses..

GENTLE, SPOTTED, GAITED MARE; 15.2H, 14 yr Non reactive, seasoned trail horse , suitable all level riders. Great Confidence Builders for timid rider. Nice head set, lots of style, easy slow walk on loose rein to ride with Quarter horses. Moves to smooth, slow rack when asked, canters, stands quietly mount. Easy to tie, bathe, spray, load, handle feet. New Coggins, shoes, wormed, excellent condition.


Sold congratulations to Lee-Ann in Bremen , Ga on her purchase of this stunning mare

Sold Congratulations to Tracy




APPALOOSA/CURLY CROSS GELDING.  12 yr., 14.3H,  Nice walk/ trot/ canter.  Trail veteran.  Easy, polite manners on ground and under saddle.  Barefoot, sound, fit and ready for your next trail ride. Gray w/snowflakes.   Loads, new coggins.  $1,850 

Freckles face.JPG
Coming Soon.PNG

~ Dolly ~ SOLD Congratulations to Laundria 


Gorgeous, Western Pleasure type Quarter mare.  Model, halter conformation.  11 yr., 15H.  Smooth as silk jog, lopes, sharp neckrein, backs.  Gentle for all level riders.  Great ground manners in every way.  Show or trails.  A lifetime keeper. Sound, fit, Coggins. $3,500. 

Dolly's Video

Coming Soon.PNG

~ Chrystal ~ SOLD

PRETTIEST GRAY QUARTER MARE IN TOWN!  Model conformation for the breed.  14.3H, stocky, muscular.  Gorgeous head, long   full white mane and tail.  Gentle and friendly disposition.  Been on vacation for past 2 years due to owner's health., on our tune-up program.  Slow and easy going, will be suitable for all riders. 3,000 limited time.


~ Spice ~ Sold GOING TO S. CAROLINA 

Ranch mare from Oklahoma. Bay, 15H,  12 yrs.  Does it all!  Sorts and gathers stock, ropes. neckreins, lopes, gallops...great timed event prospect.  Lots of directions for this lady.  $2,500.

Spice's Video

Spice walk.jpg
Gold bar right.JPG

~ Gold Bar ~  SOLD

Beautiful, Golden Palomino Quarter Gelding from Oklahoma Ranch.  15.1h 12yr old. Well trained;  stands quietly to mount and be groomed.  Walks easy and relaxed on loose rein, jogs, lopes, neckreins.  Model halter conformation for the breed.  Disposition for trails and quality for showring.  You will be the envy of all your friends, when you ride this Golden Beauty....   $5,000 

Gold bar head.jpg
Gold bar jog.jpg
Gold bar walk.jpg

~ Money ~ Temporarily off the market~ Gone to trainer for 30 days

MOST BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN BUCKSKIN SADDLEBRED GELDING IN THE COUNTRY.  10 yr.,  16H.  Three white socks.  Rides English and Western.  Was bred and trained to  be 5-gaited show horse but breeder died and he has been turned out on vacation for  several years.  Needs a competent horse person to tune him up.  He is so beautiful, you won't be able to take your eyes off when you see him.....Would be a knockout  in the show ring, Parades, or just be the envy of all your friends on the trails.  $5,000

Money headneck.JPG
Coming Soon.PNG


 MORGAN GELDING, 15 hand, 13 yr.  Trail horse deluxe.  Friendly, people friendly disposition.  Well trained for walk, trot, canter.  English or Western riding.  Lots of stamina for the endurance rider.  For Leased by owner because of health. Coggins, wormed, feet trimmed. easy keeper.  Sound, healthy, excellent condition. $300 a month

Magic's Video

Tycoon racking.jpg

~ Tycoon ~ SOLD Congratulations Sims Family

BIG, BLACK TENN. WALKING GELDING.....16H, 14 yrs.  Ty is very forgiving and careful  with his riders.  Great confidence or guest horse deluxe. Smooth natural gait.  Walks quietly on loose rein and moves into his rack when asked.  Trail horse veteran. $3,000 

Tycoon's Video

Tycoon headshot.JPG
Tycoon standing.jpg
Tycoon new.JPG
Jackpot trot.jpg


Stunning QH/TB cross Gelding, 5 yr.,  16H.  model conformation.  His floating "10" movement make him a fabulous prospect for show Hunter or Dressage.  Well trained in walk, trot, canter, neckreins, free loads, lunges on voice command,  Safe, quiet disposition on ground and under saddle.  Unlimited potential and future.  $5,000 

Jackpot's Video

Jackpot head.jpg

~ Diesel ~ SOLD CONGRATULATIONS TO J.T.   glad we found one BIG enough to suit you!  

GRAY DRAFT/QH CROSS GELDING.  What a tank!  15.1H, 11yrs, 1,300 pd....wide as he is tall. Gentle and uncomplicated.  Lots of trails.  Also Drives.  Strong and sturdy for heavier riders. Suitable for all level of riders.  $3,000

Diesel's Video

Diesel's Video 2

Diesel butt.JPG


SIZE THAT EVERYONE WANTS.....  14.2H,  13 yr., Black Roan TW Racking mare;  white stockings, blaze, long full mane and tail.  Smooth natural rack, no bounce, needs no help from rider to stay in gait; slow and some speed .  Easy walk on loose rein.  Gentle and uncomplicated  for novices.  Trail veteran...would look good in show ring with Juvenile rider.  Sweetheart disposition to handle in every way.  $2,000 

Jozi's Video



STUNNING BLACK & WHITE PINTO GELDING.  15.2H,  12 yrs.  Gentle and uncomplicated  for most any rider.  Sure to get you noticed on the trails.  Great Family or Guest type.  Friendly disposition, loves attention.  Walk, trot, canters.  English or Western riding.  $2,500  

Stetson face (1).jpg
Stetson right.jpg

~ Ash ~ SOLD

Dun Quarter Gelding....stout, stocky 14.3H, 10 yr.  Trails, arena, rodeo grand entries.  Broke Ranch type horse with looks and disposition.  Suitable most all riders with lots of directions to go....Has sorted and gathered rodeo livestock.  Jogs, lopes, neckrein.  Nice lope with departure from walk. win your heart.  $2,500

Ash right.jpg
radar right - Copy.jpg


Branded Ranch Quarter Gelding.  14 yr, 15.2H.  Flashy sorrel with flaxen mane & tail,  four socks, blaze.  Well trained for walk, jog, trot and slow lope, neckreins.  Disposition for all riders, great confidence builder or timid rider.  Friendly and easy to handle in every way.  Slightly underweight.....needs 30 days of TLC.....will be a real beauty. He will be a lifetime keeper if you're looking for a real partner.  $3,500 

Radar's Video

Radar brand.jpg
june action.jpg

~ June ~ Sold Congratulations to Tom in N. Carolina.....hope your grandchildren enjoy this sweet gentle mare. 

BEAUTIFUL black roan Pinto mare.  13 yr., 14.2H.  Sweet, gentle, friendly disposition. Always meets you with welcoming whinneys.  Great family mount.  Lots of trail experience. Relaxed walk on loose rein, trots, canters, backs, stands to mount, sprays, washes, etc. Size that is easy to mount.  $2,000.  

​June's Video

june low.JPG
june trot.jpg


Ranch Quarter Gelding directly from Oklahoma.  Stocky, 15.1H, 14 yr.  Suitable for  all level riders.  Great for trail or arena riding.  Wonderful Family or Guest horse. Some experience in cattle sorting.  Content to ride slow and easy, but will move  forward when asked.  A beautiful horse that will be a lifetime keeper.  $3,000

​Laramie's Video

Laramie jog2.jpg
Laramie jog.jpg


Quarter Ranch Gelding, just arrived from Oklahoma.  True working Ranch  horse;  sorted cattle.....former owner advised he had been in Roping Box. Not sure what this means.....maybe he is trained to also rope.  Affectionate,  friendly disposition that will win your heart.  A Broke, Broke well trained horse 12 yr., 14.3H.  Trails, arena, etc.  Lots of direction for this nice Gelding.  $3,000

Scooter's Video

Scooter walk.jpg
Kellogg new.JPG


 Liver Chestnut  QUARTER/TENN. WALKING CROSS GELDING.  14 yr., 15.1H.  Safe, Gentle, honest Non reactive ....great choice for Family or Guest horse.  Confidence builder deluxe.  Relaxed loose rein walk, soft smooth trot, lopes easily from walk, stands to mount and moves off when you are ready.  Trails, arena, parades, lessons, therapeutic. .  $3,000

Kellogg's Video

Kellog under saddle.jpg
Ivy new.JPG



BROWN QUARTER MARE, from Oklahoma.  15 yr,  14.3H.  Sweet, kind, friendly disposition.. Great for inexperienced rider.....follow type horse deluxe....she will follow the group....just stay  in the saddle and she will do the rest.  Easy walk on loose rein, smooth jog, nice slow lope. Slightly underweight due to the long haul from Oklahoma and shipping cold (totally recovered).  Sound and healthy.....needs 30 days of TLC......$2,500  limited time....price will increase with  her weight gain.

Ivy's Video

Ivy under saddle.jpg
Doodles left.jpg

~ Doodles~ SOLD GOING TO S. C. 

UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND.  HAFLINGER/QUARTER CROSS.  Stocky, stout, muscular 14.2h.  5 year.  One owner.  Quiet, friendly, uncomplicated to handle and ride in every way.  Nice relaxed walk, trot and easy canter.  Lots of trails in N.C. mountains.  She is a real beauty with lots of directions ....  $3,500 

Hero action left.jpg


THOROUGHBRED GELDING,  6 yr., 17.1H Big, tall horse....  Fabulous Project for a top dollar  show horse....Dressage, jumper, fieldhunter, etc.  Well trained in basic dressage, one season  as Fieldhunter.  Check out his video with Cowboy Dressage ....  Soft mouth, sitting and posting extended trot, balanced canter on leads, side passes, backs.  Bold jumper.  Lots of direction  for this Big Boy!  $3,500

Hero action right.jpg
Hero measure (1).JPG
bonita new left (1).JPG

~ Bonita~ SOLD

Stunning pattern on this Tobiano Paint mare, Dun and white.  12 yr., 14.3H.  Model conformation and disposition... Same owner all her forced sale.  Quiet, sweet, well mannered in every way....on ground and under  saddle.  Suitable all riders, beginner to seasoned....a life time keeper $3,000. 


Bonita's Video

Bonita new right2.JPG
Bonita new right (1).JPG

~ Chase ~ SOLD

Beautiful Bay QH Gelding, white socks and blaze, model conformation.  14 yr., 15H.  Great choice for  timid or beginner rider needing a Confidence Builder.....wonderful to learn on or for lady wanting to get  back into riding after raising the kids.  Flawless manners on ground and under saddle.  Slow, easy walk on loose reins, speeds up only when asked.  Neckreins.  Loves to be groomed and loved on... Hard to find these kind of gentle horses.....$2,500 to select home.  


Chase's Video

Trophy left.JPG
Trophy face.JPG
Chase under saddle.jpg
Red spotted left.JPG

~ Little Rose ~ SOLD


UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND!   Speed Racking 13.2H Spotted Saddle Mare.  12 yr.  She thinks that she is a BIG horse and can keep up with or PASS the Big boys on the Trail or in the Show Ring.  Experienced on trails....wonderful prospect for JUVENILE PONY RACKING DIVISION in the show ring.  Polite manners in every way.  Neckreins, stands to mount, etc.  New shoes, Coggins, fat and fit.  Walks, slow and fast Rack.   $2,500.   

Little Rose's Video

Banner new2.JPG

~ Banner~ SOLD

Stunning, rare coloring on this Buckskin Roan Quarter  Gelding from Oklahoma. 15.2h, 14yrs, Experienced working Ranch horse.  Steady, calm, quiet for all riders, novices to advanced.  Sharp neckrein,  smooth jog, lopes, sliding stop, backs, flawless manners.  Trail horse deluxe.  Your opportunity to own and ride a well trained gentle horse with "one of a kind color ".  $5,000

Banner's Video

Banner new3.JPG
Banner face.JPG
Banner trot.JPG

~ Shadow~ SOLD Congratulations to Fran who chose Shadow as her "Therapy" horse to get back into riding. 

FLASHY BLACK TRAIL/PLEASURE GELDING.  15.3H, 15 yr.  Gentle and well suited for the  novice rider who needs a seasoned, calm trail horse.  A real BLACK BEAUTY!  People lover... You will be the envy of all your friends when you ride Shadow.  $3,000. 


Shadow's Video