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Boarding Option...

 Board ~ $350 per month with free choice hay

Rare, close in location (Chateau /I-85), 8 acre, small, private Adult facility with family type atmosphere. 2 to 4 Acre paddocks with free choice hay year round....$350....Grain daily $50 additional.  Stall board  $450. Riding ring , Tack room , off + furnished lounging area and trailer parking and routine Vet and farrier services.  40 yr. experienced horse person  on site to view horses daily. Specializing in the care for Senior or Special needs horses.  Safe horse fencing.We can tailor a program to fit your needs.  


"When the Great Spirit willed to create the horse,  He said to the South Wind,  "I will that a creature should proceed from thee.  Condense thyself".   And the wind condensed itself.   Then came the angel Gabriel saying,  "I have called thee horse.   I have attached good fortune to the hair that falls between thine eyes.  Thou shall be the lord of all other animals, and men shall follow thee wheresoever thou goest.  Thou shall fly without wings and upon thy back shall riches repose and through thy means shall blessings come."

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